Our Story

Storied Goods is female-founded

We believe that sharing delicious drinks and moments gives us hope in a complicated world. When we take time to share our stories with each other, we see how much we have in common. When we celebrate ourselves, we become better at loving and honoring ourselves. Celebrating even the smallest moments brings the joy we all need and deserve!

Meet Martha

Storied Goods began when Martha Bourlakas and her husband were celebrating over Champagne Cocktails. Martha wondered if the classic sugar cube couldn’t be made more beautiful and flavorful, so she began experimenting.

In 2019, the Storied Goods Rose Petal Sugar Cube for Champagne Cocktails, tea, and gin won a Best of Virginia, and the Storied Goods party started!

The business was founded to encourage and elevate our storied, celebratory moments.

Martha is mom of three grown daughters—the oldest of whom has autism—wife, and disability advocate.

Martha travels the world with tins of SG Sugar Cubes and bottles of Champagne to create celebrations and joy. She is an author, speaker, lover of dogs and yellow cake with chocolate icing.