Make Your Valentine's and Galentine's Days Sparkle with our Celebration Sparkle Sugar Cubes


After a mind-blowing sell-out of our Celebration Sparkle Sugar Cubes over the holidays, we are creating a very limited number for your Valentine's and Galentine's Celebrations! We couldn't think of a better way to toast love than to bring back the sparkle 💘

There are so many ways to use our Celebration Sparkle Cube--in cocktails, tea, sparkling water. We love the classic Champagne Cocktail recipe from The New York Times 🥂

It would be great if one of you would tell the Times that this Cocktail is even easier with our Celebration Cubes, because the bitters are already in there! And of course the glitter makes this cocktail waaaay more beautiful than one with a plain ole sugar cube 😊

For a lovely version without alcohol, try this Sparkling Rose Rosé recipe from award-winning Jôyous wines. Perfectly pink, this recipe uses our Rose Petal Sugar Cubes, but the Celebration Sparkle is equally as delicious ✨

Our Celebration Sparkle Cubes, bundled for a special discount, are not just about flavor and sparkle. They are about celebration and connection. They are about making everyday moments special and every special moment unforgettable. So, this Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day, drop one of our magic Cubes into sparkling wine, and let your love shine! ✨